Mile #8: Try Milford, Pa. and be charmed

Let me introduce today’s Delaware River docent: McKensie Curnow. She’s graduating soon from Marywood University in Scranton, but she’s never been to Milford. She was captivated by this small, thriving town on the Delaware River.

By McKensie Curnow

Walking through downtown Milford is like stepping back in time. Situated near the upper Delaware River, a deep history is reflected in the quaint and welcoming town of Milford, Pa.

A mix of natural beauty, rich history and arts appreciation create a charming destination. The streets are filled with antique stores, coffee shops, art galleries and pleasant locals. Also nearby are museums, restaurants, trails and parks.

Whether you’re a coffee-loving bookworm, an adventurous athlete or anything in between, there is surely something for you in Milford.

While I only spent a few hours exploring Milford, it was enough time to find many hidden gems (and left more gems to discover next time!)

Here are some highlights from my first self-guided tour of Milford:

Broad Street

The first stop on my journey was Broad Street.

Broad Street is home to the Columns Museum, the Hotel Fauchère and other historical buildings and monuments. You can easily spend an entire day on this street alone.

One of the best parts about Broad Street is the beautiful garbage cans located on each block. Yes, I said beautiful garbage cans. Each can is decorated with a different hand-painted design and serves as a reminder that beauty can be found in just about anything.

01 Broad Street Garbage Can#

After cruising down the street and giving myself a sneak peak of what I was in for, I parked in front of the courthouse and made my way toward The Frisky Goat Coffee House.

The Frisky Goat Coffeehouse

611 Broad Street

Before entering the coffee house, I was greeted by a mural of a giant goat sipping a hot cup of coffee. Once inside, I realized that I had found a hipster’s paradise. The Frisky Goat offers a large variety of drinks, fresh baked goods and a relaxing atmosphere. The interior was cozy and the coffee was delicious. I ordered the “Nutella Goat” iced latte. It consisted of hazelnut, mocha and goat’s milk. It was the perfect fuel to start the day.

02 The Frisky Goat#

Action Bikes and Outdoors

611 Broad Street

Next door is Action Bikes and Outdoor. This store is an adrenaline junkie’s dream.  Bikes, kayaks, canoes and outdoor accessories fill the spacious shop. The staff was friendly and helpful. Plus, they conveniently offer bike rentals for visitors.

04 Action Bikes & Outdoors#

The Artisan Exchange

219 Broad Street

Next, I took a walk to The Artisan Exchange, a unique gift shop and fine art gallery. Here you’ll find handmade jewelry, glass, wood, pottery, fabric, weavings, natural soaps and toiletries, paintings, photography, collectibles and more.

I was welcomed by a friendly smile and enthusiastic hello from one of the store’s owners, Michael Gruodis. Michael runs the business with his wife, Stephanie.

“We aren’t just a mom and pop shop, we are mom and pop,” said Michael.

The duo founded the Artisan Exchange in 2009. Every single creation in their store is proudly handmade in the United States by local artists, as well as artists from across the country. It’s the perfect place to find gifts for those hard-to-shop-for family and friends.

06 The Artisan Exchange#

The business was once a residential space, so there are two floors and lots of rooms overflowing with handcrafted gifts and artwork. Creations and products can even be found on display on kitchen counters, home appliances and inside closets.

On my way out, I learned that Michael and Stephanie are artists themselves. Michael’s craft of choice is wood. He designs and creates wooden bowls, vases, earrings and more. Stephanie creates fabric crafts, such as table runners, blankets and teddy bears.

Michael said that he loves when people stop in, even if they don’t buy anything. He is proud that customers can take a look around and enjoy the art he and others have created.

Enchanted Gifts & Books

104 E. Ann Street

Turning down a side street, I found Enchanted Gifts & Books and it was nothing short of magical.

Living up to its name, the boutique offers enchanting gifts such as crystals, jewelry, candles, tarot cards, books and more.

10 Enchanted

In addition, they offer classes such as Introduction to Astrology, Psychic Development, Mediumship, and Chakra Energy Healing. You can also host a “Read and Sip” party – you and your guests will get your tarot cards read.

Pâtisserie Fauchère 

403 Broad Street

For lunch, I stopped at the Pâtisserie Fauchère at the Hotel Fauchère. The café is charming and offers plenty of seating, both indoors and outdoors.

As soon as I entered the door, fresh baked bread and pastries instantly filled my nostrils and teased my hunger pangs.

I ordered salmon and cream cheese on a poppy seed bagel with some fresh strawberry rhubarb juice to wash it down. My sister ordered chicken salad on rye with a side of potato salad.

12 Pâtisserie Fauchère#

We both agree that Pâtisserie Fauchère deserves an A+ for taste and atmosphere.


317 Broad Street

Willow is a beautifully displayed home décor shop. Aside from stylish furniture and knick knacks, the store also supplies Milford with fashionable clothing, jewelry, stationary, baby apparel and books, and more.

13 Willow#

Trendsetters are sure to have something catch their eye in Willow!

Sweet Sweet Wonderland

305 Broad Street

For dessert, I had to stop by Sweet Sweet Wonderland. The bakery sells gourmet treats of all sorts such as cookies, brownies, cupcakes and cake pops.

The sweet shop is tiny, but its treats pack a powerful punch of flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you have a cookie craving, I recommend ordering an orange cookie.

15 Sweet Sweet Wonderland

Golden Fish Gallery and Museum

307 Broad Street

My final stop on Broad Street was certainly one of my favorites. The Golden Fish Gallery is a 3-in-1 museum, shop and art gallery owned by John Longendorfer.

Arts and crafts of all sorts are found throughout the gallery. Sculptures, fantasy drawings and paintings, historic photos and documents, armor and weaponry, metal works, handmade furniture and much more fill this one-of-a-kind attraction.

16 Golden Fish#

The Longendorfers are a family of artists, and many items found at the Golden Fish Gallery are made by John and his family.

John has been drawing for over 74 years, but lately writing has been taking up much of his free time. He enjoys writing of any kind whether it’s poetry, short stories or his autobiography. He claims he’s been on many crazy adventures that many find unbelievable. Be sure to ask him about his tales — I’m sure he’d be more than happy to fill you in.

McDade Recreational Trail & Raymondskill Falls

Once I left Broad Street, I spent some time exploring a few of the many trails offered along the Delaware in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

Administered by the National Park Service, the Delaware Water Gap is a nature junkie’s paradise. The plush green forests and the fresh water that runs through them are what an outdoorsman’s dreams are made of.

18 McDade Trail#

Even if you’re not fond of hiking, anyone can enjoy the beauty of Raymondskill Falls. The trail is less than a mile to and from the waterfall. The hike is pretty easy but it’s still a rocky trek, so be sure to wear proper shoes.

While an afternoon is not nearly enough time to take in everything Milford has to offer, an afternoon is enough time to leave you wanting more.

Luckily, there’s always an excuse to visit Milford. Some upcoming events include Milford After Dark, Festival of the Wood, and the Soul of Ireland concert. Visit to find out more.

There is still much for me to discover, so stay tuned for my next adventure in Milford.

What are some must-see places in Milford? Email me with your suggestions at

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